Adobe Photoshop To Beauty Your Website-Advanced - 1 Day

photoshop advanced
Adobe Photoshop To Beauty Your Website-Advanced

Adobe Photoshop To Beauty Your Website-Advanced

-12 hours

-6 hrs per day (2 weeks)


-11 to 5 pm

Adobe Photoshop 


The course will cover various techniques and tips to use the tool.   These are advanced techniques that require more than just technical knowledge of Photoshop, they require knowledge of design talent, the art of layout and balance, color theory, etc. Our Advanced Photoshop course help you build on your existing skills and explore some of the more advanced techniques available when working with this powerful software package. This course will make your life easier and you’ll see an immediate performance improvement if you are working in digital imaging, professional photography, graphic design, publishing or any working role that involves day to day using Photoshop software.  —————————————


  • Use more advanced selection techniques to improve your selections
  • Correct color issues in images for example removing a color cast.
  • Apply advanced masking techniques to improve your masks
  • Clone areas of an image in perspective, for example clone one side of a cube onto another side
  • Working with smart objects for reversible non-destructive changes
  • Using stacks for example to automatically remove items from a series of images
  • Use actions to record and reuse changes to images, as well as load prebuilt actions.
  • Work with the Camera raw interface to adjust raw files taken from your camera


Part I: Design Effect
  • Blur Effect
  • Design Web/iPad UI
Part II: Mini-Software Program
  • Slicing Tool
  • Plugins

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Price From SGD$400/person
Total $ 400 SGD

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